Top 4 Creative indoors activities for year 3 Learners

Like their counterparts in year 1 and 2, year 3 learners love play time. They do not care whether it rains or shines. They will want to participate in PE. As a teacher however, you can’t take your kids to play outside when the weather conditions don’t suit the occasion. Incorporate the following indoor year 3 PE lessons into your program instead.

4. Don’t Fall in the Water

This PE activity encourages learners to work as a team. It’s one of the activities that give your students a life lesson they will need throughout their lives. ‘Don’t fall in the water’ is an interactive game that ask kids to walk over logs of wood (student benches) without falling on matts or wallpapers used to represent the rivers and water animals. Kids hold onto one another and maneuver over the benches as they sing.

3. Cross through the Hoop

This is yet another team focused game for the young learners. The game involves several groups within the cross to play with a hula hoop. The children are then asked to link hands placing the hula hoop over the arms of two children. The other children are expected to step through the hoop without breaking the chain.

2. Cat and Mouse

This is a fun based indoors PE activity for Year 3 PE lessons. In this activity, two children can be cats and the rest mice. The ‘Mice’ have several pieces of strings tucked into their waistbands to represent tails. The ‘Cats’ will chase mice and pull their tails out to get them out the game.

1. Balls Galore

The children learn cooperation, strategy and team work in this game. The goal of the game is to get one participant to hold as many balls off the ground as possible.